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2 years ago

Summary Formulas outside the grouping context

Building an employee churn summary report - and am within sight of the finish line.

I only really have [Employee Start Date] and [Employee End Date] in the employee table - so am grouping on the rows by [Team] and on the columns by [Employee Start Date] combined on the month.

Using a report formula, I'm counting every employee who either doesn't have an [Employee End Date] or has an [Employee End Date] after the first day of the [Employee Start Date] month. Because of the grouping, the employees without that end date get counted only if their start date is on or after the first day of the start date month too.

Is there a way to step out of the grouping context?  I can do it using a Parent stats table, but with the stats table, I can't figure out a way to group on the [Team] .



Malcolm McDonald
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