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2 years ago

Summary multi text field to be used as Record ID in Formula URL


I have a multi text field having the record ID of next task on my list of tasks in a table

I need to pick this record ID to be used in Formula URL in order to change the Task Status field of the target record. Is it feasible?

URLRoot()&"db/"&[TARGET TABLE ALIAS]"&"?a=API_EditRecord&rid="& [multi-text summary field] &"&apptoken=*******************&_fid_57= In Progress"

Neha Raghav

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  • If you are asking just for the correct syntax it would be this, assumig that your field is populated with on value and not a string of values.

    Try this

    TARGET TABLE ALIAS]"&"?a=API_EditRecord&rid="& totext([multi-text summary field]) &"&apptoken=*******************&_fid_57= In Progress"

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)