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2 years ago

Summary Report filters

I have created a summary report that summarizes on # of items with the same name.

It's based on a huge table so I would like to filter ​out any with just a count of 1.

and i can't create a relationship, because it's not based on the record Id, etc.

So, i need to be able to either "filter out" any results with a count of 1...

OR sort it by the count from high to low.  I can do that by clicking the header but OR by changing to a custom sort that is not the default, but when I do either then it shows "zero" results in the report I set it to go to.  that report works every time when I don't sort the results by either method, which doesn't make sense to me.

Is there a solution?


Jeff Elliott

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  • The low tech solution is to click n the column with the count, twice so that the duplicates float to the top and then save the report.  Of course that leaves the bottom of the report all "1's"  ie the records which are not duplicates.

    Detecting duplicates can be done with a formula query but the syntax for that is more complex and depending on the number of records in your table it may be too many records for the formula query to handle. Out of curiosity how many records are in the table?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)