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6 months ago

Summary Report

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a report that will summarize a numeric field per address, but I need to display other fields on the record... Does the platform supports this?

Example of today's report output:

Customer Cust ID Terms Invoice # Subdivision Jobsite Address Material Customer PO# Date Ticket Qty Unit Price
Pulsar Homes 13249 15 101 Allen 9999 Test Dr Millines 12345 11-28-2023 78932-92740 2 $120
Pulsar Homes 13249 15 101 Allen 9999 Test Dr Millines 12345 12-05-2023 78932-92740 2 $120
Pulsar Homes 13249 15 101 Allen 9999 Test Dr Millines 12345 12-08-2023 78932-92740 2 $120

I would like to display these 3 rows grouping them by address and adding the Qty as well as Unit Price...

I am able to do it but I can not include the other fields.... only Address, Qty and Unit Price...

Any help will be greatly appreciate it!


Miguel Francis

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  • have you considered using a simple table rdport and sing yhe Group by sort option to sort and group by address?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Summary reports are bound to summarizing numeric data which means that your text fields that you have shown above cannot be included in the summary report unless you are grouping by them. There is a way that you can try and 'fake' the summary report by adding all of the text fields that you want in the 'Grouping and Crosstabs' section and add each field as a 'Group By'. The only issue is that it will cap out at 5 fields. 

      The theory is that your records all have the same values for those 5 fields as is, so its more complex to summarize that way but it technically works and then you summarize the actual columns you want. 

      Counting in your report above, it looks like you have 10 text fields, so you can create 'combined text' fields, so instead of Customer and ID as different columns do Customer Name (ID) as one field. 

      If that doesn't work - you'll need to use a table report per Marks suggestion and use summary fields to roll up the # fields you want to report on somehow. 

      Chayce Duncan