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9 months ago

Summary Table with Many Dynamic Filters?

I'm new to Quickbase and I'm exploring the possibility of moving a report out of excel into Quickbase that leverages a relatively large table to generate five simple pivot tables based on selections made across 15 or so splicers like the examples below.  I'm starting to think it won't be possible due to the limitation of 5 dynamic filters in Quickbase. Has anyone done anything similar to this or have a recommendation on a different approach?

Jeremy Shearouse

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  • I will describe a solution that will handle the case where only one concurrent user is trying to slice the results at a time. There is a more complicated solution that will handle any number of users concurrently.  

    Create a new table called Slicers. Create a single record in the table and then lock down all users including the admin from adding or deleting records.  Record will be Record ID = 1.

     Create your 15 slicer fields there. Create a relationship from that Record down to your detail table where the reference field is a formula field that calculates to 1.  I would called it [Link to Slicers (=1)].  Obviously the formula is just 1.

    Look up all your slicers down to the detail table and then make a formula checkbox field to calculate if the record qualifies.  Be sure that your formula handles the situation where the slicer for a particular filter is blank as well as where the filter matches your data.  

    And make a report link field on that slicer record and filter the detail records where that checkbox feel calculates to true. Be sure to set the report link field to show the embedded records directly on the slicer record and set it to only show in view mode. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)