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31 days ago

Template Error

Validation error: Incorrect template "{{a.wo_id}}". ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'wo_id'

I have a pretty simple Pipeline set up that looks at a connected field for two fields both text fields (WOID# and Alert#). Then looks at another table, not connected, for matching WOID# and updates the Alert# on that table. They are both text fields, the values clearly match. But I keep getting the above error. Any suggestions?



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  • You may need to add a filter to your template.   

    If you are writing it to a text field you can write it like this:  {{a.wo_id|string}}  and that will convert the number to a string.   

    Or, it may also be expecting an integer,  so you can write it like this:  {{a.wo_id|int}}.   

    One of those will probably solve your problem.