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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Template for Field Names to Jinja

Does anyone know of a template for converting the field names in a table to the correct jinja format?

e.g. Field ID 7: Order Submitted By will convert to order_submitted_by

I have tried to use a formula field and inputted some common conversions I have seen, but I doubt it is even half of it:

var text idsCheck = SearchAndReplace([Label], "IDs","i_ds");
var text low = Lower($idscheck);
var text nospace = SearchAndReplace($low, " ","_");

var text aa = SearchAndReplace($nospace,"-","_");
var text ab = SearchAndReplace($aa,"/","_");
var text ac = SearchAndReplace($ab,"_%","");
var text ad = SearchAndReplace($ac,"_#","");
var text ae = SearchAndReplace($ad,"?","");

Sean Connaughton
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