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2 years ago

This one is going to be hard! Zapier to Quickbase

Here is my Loom Video explaining my issue with SimpleText to Quickbase using Zapier

Video: SimpleText to Quickbase

Jennifer Meyer

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  • Let's discuss in general terms first. The text obvious does not know the Record ID# of the job.  But I presume it knows the the mobile # which sent the text.  ​Does the job know that?  If so you can populate that into the text record ( maybe you already do that) and then trigger a Pipeline to scan for jobs which have that mobile #, finding the first Job, and write the Record ID to the respect, thus linking it.​

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • @Jennifer Meyer

    This one is going to be a little messy.

    When receiving messages, you can't really deliver the context of what "project" a message is associated with, unless you can somehow convince your customer to write the id with every message

    If a phone number is unique to a project, you have a couple options.

    Option 1:
    Create a table for "phone numbers" and change the primary key to the "phone number" field. Then relate every "message" to it's parent "phone number" record. Then relate "projects" to "phone numbers", where each phone number can have many projects. With that done, you can create a "report link" field in the "Projects" table that shows messages when the field Project: Related Phone Number is equal to the field Message: Related Phone Number. Now, when a message is created all you need to do is write the sender's phone number to the "Related Phone Number" field of the message table, and your messages should show as expected.
    Here is a relationship diagram:

    Lucid Chart Link

    Option 2:
    Add a step to your incoming message recipe. This step should search for "projects" where the value in "phone number" is equal to the number of the message sender. For each project found, create a "message" record and write the "Project ID" to the corresponding reference field in each new message record.

    I expect that you may run into some issues with formatting, but as long as you standardize input from those creating phone number records or entering phone number values to match the way that Zapier formats the text, it should work out okay. 

    Justin Torrence
    Quickbase Expert, Jaybird Technologies
  • Hi Jennifer,

    I work for Juiced Technologies, and we have an add-on called Text My QB that allows people to send and receive texts to and from Quickbase. We are able to have the received messages be related to the record that sent the text to them, even if you have multiple records with the same phone number. You can use this link to demo it yourself: DEMO: Text My Quick Base Our add-on also uses CDYNE for hosting the phone numbers which is cheaper than SimpleText. Are you using Zapier for anything else?

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    James Malone