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3 years ago

Timesheet Issues - Day totals, etc

I'm having issues where for some reason, when I create a report based on the hours that are put into the daily timesheet, the data only shows an AVG and no Total. And I don't care about the Avg but would really like to see the total. Any help?
The time fields each day are in duration.

I also have an issue where I tried to do start/end day, but doing [End] - [Start] resulted in a WEIRD negative number, that did even make sense either way one could subtract the two numbers from each other.
Any ideas what could have gone wrong there?

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  • You can look at the field properties to tell Quickbase if you want totals and/or averages. 
    What field types are [End] and [Start]

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      That the thing however- the place in field properties for that is correctly unchecked so the totals AND the average should show, and they don't. 
      End and start are both time (not 24hr clock)