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7 years ago

Total Field or Column Header Colorization in a Summary Report

I have a summary report shown below, 1 of 9 that I'm building. Each of these summary reports takes a particular set of Statuses and totals them. Each total OR column headers will need to be colorized (red, yellow or green) and placed on our Homepage Dash. These status totals are not related to any dates or timelines. They are used for showing the total $ amount of insurance policies that were entered for the previous month, current month and next month by status. 

For example, the report above shows policies from the previous month. It would be amazing if I could make the Status and Annual TP column header red, given these totals represent policies that were Declined, Surrendered, Withdrawn etc. 
My next report would then be colorized yellow for policies that have a different set of statuses, then green column headers for policies for example that have been paid. 
Hope this makes sense! I'm open to any suggestions. 
Thanks for any help! 

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