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4 months ago

Tracking Traffic


I have a client who is wondering if it is possible to track the visitor traffic to the code page/form we made for them in QuickBase. 

Is there anyway to possibly do this? Even something like increasing the number in a field by 1 every time someone opens the page will do. 

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  • If it's already in a codepage - you can simply have a function that runs on load to make an API call that adds a record into a table for 'logs'. Just a simple function posts to this table - and you can report off of Record Owner and Date Created as a way to report on traffic to look at users and times of day.  

    Chayce Duncan
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      Thank you! Do you by chance have an example of what this function might look like?


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        This is quick and dirty but does the trick after you input your realm name, dbid and apptoken if required. 

        const track = (() => {
            let realm = ""; //insert your realm here;
            let dbid = ""; //insert dbid of your table here;
            let applicationToken = ""; //insert your apptoken here if required for your app;
                url: `https://${realm}${dbid}?a=API_AddRecord&apptoken=${applicationToken}`,
                method: 'GET',
                success: (result) => {
                error: (err) => {
                    console.log("Your record did not save", err)
        Just make sure that you have jQuery installed in your <head> - you should have something like this: 
        <script src=""></script>

        Chayce Duncan