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7 years ago

transfer data from live to development app

I currently have a live app that my company is working with.  We needed to make some new changes to the app so I copied our current live app with all of its data to a test app.  From here I have made all my necessary upgrades, how can I now transfer my live data into my test app?  I want to do this and then just rename my test app to be the functioning one moving forward.  Is this the wrong way of doing this? 

Sorry still quite new at quickbase.

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  • I sorry to let you know that its for this exact reason that 99% of development work in Quick Base is done on the live version of the app.  Most developers make backup copies of the app before major changes and then just develop on the live version.

    You will likely need to redo your development work now on the version of the app which has the current data, ie the old app.
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      Hello, is this still true in 2020 since this post was in 2017?

      Suubi Barlow
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        There is a new feature called the Sandbox.

        I suggest that you make a copy of your app and then experiment with using the sandbox to learn about it.

        But, the idea of the sandbox is to be able to make change in a controlled Sandbox environment and then Promote them Live when you are ready, preserving all the data in the production copy of the app.

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