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2 months ago

Transferring a copy of an app between realms

A sister company of ours is transferring a copy to us of an app that we want to use. I have received the application transfer notification email from the pipeline, but it is directing me to sign in to our sister company's quickbase realm to retrieve it. Since I am not set up as a user in their realm, I am unable to proceed. We've transferred apps before but it seemed it was much easier and I can't remember what we did to complete the transfer. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? What am I missing?

Doug Crandall

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  • This probably isn't the best answer - but in my experience cross-realm transfers are easier when you engage support. It's been a while since I've done one but I always found that a realm admin had to be involved on one or both sides or it would transfer ownership but in the same realm. I always found a simple support ticket would get it done quick and clean as they handle the approval and handoff via email. 

    Chayce Duncan