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2 years ago

Transferring Ownership of a Connected Table

Could be simple or major here.... The owner of a few of our connected tables has left the company. (I have his login if it helps) of the 5 he owns, 3 of them- I was able to simply "Use a different connection" which made me the new owner. However, 2 of them; when I change to myself, they error out trying to refresh. Error being "The resource '[[connection_176165]].[[bpqrpkjmt]]:ServiceDefinitionTable' does not exist."

I believe it is because there are table to table relationships built off of the connected table. Could also be required or key fields are oddly causing it to error. Not sure what I am doing wrong... How can I transfer this to my name and have it refresh successfully?

Thank You In Advance 

Eddy Elasmar
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