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2 years ago

Triggering Pipeline when field is changed from

I want to trigger a pipeline to insert a task record into a separate system, but only when the task gets assigned the first time (after the PM validates), not if it gets reassigned.  We have an [Assigned To] user field that we use to set assignment, so I want to trigger the pipeline only if the record gets changed from a blank user (kind of like we can do on form rules).  FYI - I can't do it on form rules because sometimes they run an import, and don't always use the form. 

Can this be done natively in pipelines?


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    Assuming that your User field is FID 8
    And you have a Check Box  FID9

    Set your Advanced Query to 

    When 8 is changed and 9 is false, the Pipeline will fire.  Have two steps

    Update the QB Record FID9 to True
    Update the other system

    Now if they change the User in FID 8 or clear the User and set it again later, the Pipeline will not fire because FID 9 is true from the first time that the Pipeline fired.

    Obviously hide FID 9, do not put it on forms or let anybody edit it except the role of the User that built the Pipeline.

    Don Larson