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3 years ago

Triggers in synced tables

When a synced table updates and a formula field is changed, does that trigger notifications/automations? I know it won't in a typical table, but am not sure if in a synced table if that is considered as the 'record being modified'.

Or do I need to sync through the actual field that is changing the formula (currently in my use case I am only syncing the formula field).

Mike Tamoush

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  • Changes to a Sync table whether they be to a scalar data entry field or formula field will trigger notifications. However, while I have not tested it is likely that they will be seen as multi record notifications.

    If you need individual change notifications to be triggered I suspect that you would have to set up a pipeline which would be triggered by the change and have it cause another field to change which would trigger the individual email notification.

    For example setting a date time field to the current date and time and using that to trigger the individual email notifications.

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