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11 months ago

Turn Off Auto Scrolling on Pipeline Builder Interface?


Getting acclimated to quickbase for the first time and working through pipeline education in QB University. I have noticed that regardless of if I have scrolled in the builder or not, every time after I have edited something in a step, and then select a new step from the right side bar, the builder interface scrolls a substantial amount. 

I can understand that this is intended to get users to feel like they are being moved along the building process, but more-times-than-not it scrolls the block where I am attempting to drop a new step right out of view. So I have to "drop" my selection, scroll up to the correct place, and then select the step again and drop. It becomes a major time sink to repeatedly do this and often makes the interface difficult to keep in order. 

Is there a way to turn this auto scrolling off for my account? If not, what is the best way to submit a bug report requesting development to allow for turning this functionality on and off?

alex couts
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