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2 months ago

Tying Fields Together

I have an app with 3 connected tables: 

When adding a "Permission" to an "Access Group" I can choose/write in a new Department: 

I want the Department to be tied to the Employee. When I add that employee's name to another Access Group, I want it to auto-populate the "department" field. Also, when I go to the "Employee" table, I would be able to sort by department. 

Does anyone know how I could do this?


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  • The department field should be on the employee table. So all employees are assigned to a department. This will let you sort by department on your Employee table.

    The access group should not have a department field. Instead, the department should be a lookup field from the Related Employee. If you go to the Employee-Access Group relationship, you should be able to add a lookup field, and choose Department.