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12 months ago

Upload multiple files at once with our new File Manager

Upload multiple files at once with our new File Manager

You can quickly have your app users begin to save hours of time by dragging and dropping multiple files at once using desktop or the mobile app for so many uses such as asset management, sales, installation, service, projects, or audits and assessments. 

Our beta users have shared how quick and easy it is to install and setup File Manager.

You can get started by making sure your account admin has turned plugins on for your account with a few quick steps below: 

First, your account admin will need to enable plugin installation permissions for app admins under Admin Console.

Next, create or find one of your existing apps that has a parent with a child table relationship, where the child table is your file storage table having an attachment field.  You can use an existing set of tables or create them before installing the plugin.

After permissions and tables are all set, complete the easy two step installation by simply navigating to the app you want to install it within and going to app settings > Plugins and click the Install button to walk through the installation process like below. 

Installation Step Notes:

  • The maximum number of files you can upload is 20 files with a single upload having a maximum of 30 MB. Want this to be higher? Submit a feedback request! 
  • For Install Step 2 Deleting Files field, we realized some customers may have a requirement for certain data in the child file storage table besides the file attachment and even have different roles populating different fields in the file record.  Therefore, we established a setting whereby the app users could retain the child file record but just delete the file.  Here are the selection options and what app users will see: 

Install Step 2 Deleting Files field. When you select:

App users will see the following when deleting a file attachment using File Manager:

Required fields: File attachment field in child file storage table

Delete the file and its record

Delete the file and its record?

You may set the file attachment field as required.  Don’t set other fields as required.

Only delete the file

Delete this file but not this record?

Don’t set as required or app users won’t be able to delete the file. Don’t set other fields as required.

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    Randomly getting "[File Name] did not upload. Error: You do not have permissions to perform that action. Please contact your application administrator." Is this a known issue?