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2 years ago

User Name in Subscription

Can you use User List in the (deliver to:) subscription report?

In the deliver to: box the instructions are:
"or type in email addresses, user names, or group names:"

I tried the below & no one received the subscription.
[Assigned IT Team Emails] - This is a Email List
[Assigned IT Teams (User List)] - This is a User List

Those (2) fields are not User Names so maybe that is why they do not work.

Gabe Figueroa

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  • User List can be used in a Notification.
    My User List was dynamic as the values changed (formula query) depending on the company office location.

    My issue was that there was a permission that blocked the User List from being used.
    In addition, the user(s) all must at least be added to the app (not necessarily registered).

    Gabe Figueroa