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7 months ago

Sending subscription reports to non users

I have another interesting use case.

The request is to send a report subscription to two sales people who do not have access to the app from which the report will come.

The requester does not want these users to have access but does want them to see the results of said report.

I couldn't think of how to trick Quickbase into sending a report subscription to non-users so I futilely tried to give them a role of None in the app and then setup a subscription to send the report.

Not surprisingly, they didn't receive the test email I sent. I know it was sent because I included myself in the Deliver to:

Has anyone else encountered this use case and found a solution?

Julie Bowers

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  • Native Subscriptions unfortunately don't work unless your a user. If you're open to it, I would suggest a process using Pipelines that you can save the report as a CSV and send them an email with a link to that file for them to download. If that would work that would entail: 

    1. Create a table for 'External Emails'
    2. Create fields for 'Send To' and a File Attachment field
    3. Make a Pipeline that will query/run the report that you want for each person - use the Pipeline step to make a CSV file and save that as an attachment in your new table and set the Send To to the Person in question
    4. Make sure in the file attachment field you set it for public access so that uses can access the file without logging in
    5. Make a native Notification that 'Open' so it can send to non-users, and configure the Email body in such a way that they can click a link to access the file attachment and they can then download it. Have the email send to the email address in 'Send To' and have it fire on Add Records

    Chayce Duncan
  • Here is another simpler option.

    Subscriptions can only go to active users with permissions.  But an "Open" Type Notification can go to anyone.

    So.. you can have a table  of the email addresses of these non users and arrange to have an embedded report on the form.   Depending on the length of the embedded report on the from form it will show all the records if you trigger an email to the user each day.  A Pipeline can be set up to "tickle" each record each day by updating say a date time field to the current date / time.

    If the Embedded report is too long to display on the emailed form without getting truncated, then you might consider a setting up a Connected Sync table open to Everyone on the Internet so tht the recipient can view all the records.  But if course it depends how sensitive the data is that you are exposing.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)