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2 years ago

Using Look Up and Search in Pipelines

Do some know what is the difference between Look Up and Search when using them in pipelines?  I was told that Search can slow down the system, is this true?

Claudia Sullivan

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  • HI,
    Look Up a Record returns only one record. This can be used for get values for field(s) of a record and you can used this record in next steps.

    Search Record may return multiple records and you can add step(s) or action for each record.

    I hope this helps.

    Razi D.
    Desta Tech LLC
  • I believe Look Up only allows you to search by Record ID, so if you have a different key field you want to use for the look up, you need to use the Search Records tool. You can cap the search results at 1 record to allow it to move on once it finds the one record you are looking for rather continuing the search.

    Oana Whalen