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3 years ago

We need to send reminders to people outside of QB


We keep multiple tables with creditialing information for our medical staff and have columns with dates when things need to be renewed. We need to be able to send date triggered reminders to out providers if a renew is coming up, however these providers are not QB users - how can we do this?


Meagan McOlin

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  • No problem, pipelines to the rescue. 

    Make a clean checkbox formula field to indicate that an email is due to be sent but has not been sent. 

    Make a Date / Time field to be used to trigger the email. 

    Make a field called [Current Date / Time] with a formula of now(). 

    ok, so now we are ready to build the Pipeline  
    search records where the checkbox is yes and then do a For Each to populate the date time field with the current date time  

    Schedule to run every day at a civilized time like 10:00 am  

    Mark Shnier (YQC)

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      Also make sure you set up an OPEN type notification.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)