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6 years ago

Web Form HTML Wizard To ADD Record for Internet Users

We are using a web form containing the  HTML Wizard with the API Add Record to add records to a table in Quickbase.My question is how do I get the web user to see the results that QB calculates.
At present I have created a Thank You form in QB Forms.As soon as the record is created in QB the Thank You Form is displayed ( with different calculated results for each record)  ( In QB) .However,when the record is added using the web form I am not sure what URL to redirect to  so the web user can see the results pertinent to their record.

My question is two fold
1) What URL to redirect to .I know the url has some dynamic fields which change each time a record is created 
2) Can this also be achieved with the APIGetRecordAsHTML.

Can someone please guide me.I have the submission working ,the results are accurate in qb....the issue is displaying the Thank You page with the results and/or fetching the record as html and displaying
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