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7 months ago

Webhook help

I've done a number of webhooks successfully and never run into this issue. I am using the format below, to allow for grid editing and multiple record changes. I keep getting error 30, which QB says is there is no such record in the table that matches the ID. However, I am matching the record ID to itself, so it should be impossible for the record id not to exist. Can anyone spot the issue? Why is it telling me there is no record?

[Record ID#],[Weekly Report Key Formula], 

Mike Tamoush

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  • FYI I guess my webhook was corrupt or something. I created a new webhook, copy/pasted everything over exactly, and it worked as expected. I am not sure if webhooks can get corrupt, but since I copy/pasted everything I guess so?

    Mike Tamoush
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      It's possible the field or token aliases needed to reset. I've had examples in formulas, where these would extend to Webhooks/Notifications where the field label/naming convention changed and a simple re-save reset the alias behind the reference and it reverts back to normal. 

      Chayce Duncan