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3 years ago

Weekly emailed report when a field is added or modified

I have a table that contains 1000s of contacts.  I am trying to create a weekly notification that is emailed to a user when a specific field (email address) is added or changed.  I can create a notification for each record, but would rather it only be emailed weekly for those that have been added or changed.  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • If you just want to let users know about changes to any field, then you can make a report  of records where the Date Modified is during the previous week.

    But if you need trap changes to just one field then you need a process to record when that field changes.  To do that the best way would be to create a field to hold that date and then set up an Automation or a pipeline to write the current date into that field.  Make a field called [Today's Date] with a formula of Today() and Copy that value into the field.

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