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11 months ago

What criteria determines if the "Save and Next" option is available in the fields list of a table when needing to edit the duplicated fieldsfields.

I have two text fields I need to duplicate and change the name of incrementally (Total 001, Total 002, Total 003). One of the fields I can use the save and next option to go through the copies I just made and am able to change the names quickly. 

The other field I can only save and it takes me back to the fields list page and I have to scroll down to find the next copy. 

From my understanding these fields are identical in everything except name.

The name of field one is Attendees 001  and the other is Total 001. I was able to use save and next for attendees but not total.

When you duplicate these fields you get Total 001_copy, ...,Total 001_copy 10.

Bob Jones

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    I believe that it just goes by your default list of fields - the last field in the list does not give you an option because there is no "next field". In the fields list, try sorting the list by Field ID or Field Label first, then going back in. In my list, with no sorting applied, all fields give me "Save and Next" except Last Modified By. 

    Katlyn Allen