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3 years ago

While running Pipelines, there is an error that says "Validation error: This pipe requires a single item target, not a list"

Whenever we try to update an item using search records and then update record, its says the following error : "Validation error: This pipe requires a single item target, not a list"
Can anyone help me what is this error relating to ?
I cannot 
understand what is the method to debug and check the correct method.

Souvik Chaki

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  • Hi,

    In my experience it's difficult to debug pipelines, but in this case you may need to place your update record inside a loop (if you haven't already). Add the loop using 'insert loop' from the 'Drag a step here or ...' box within the pipeline. Hope that helps.

    Jeremy Anson
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      Thanks for this, solved the error for me.

      This error is occurring, if I understand correctly, because the select statement could return multiple records which match the query.  The 'Update Record' pipeline can only update a single record, so the loop allows it to run only once, per record.

      Andrew McClary
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    I think we would need to see your exact pipeline and what it is doing. The only thing I can thing to check is what you are searching or trying to make changes to and see if it for some reason is being fed a list instead of a single object. You may need to do a loop or a bulk upsert instead.

    Pipelines is very difficult and unintuitive to troubleshoot. Their activity log and all of that is barely functional when compared to other similar products like Workato. If this one thing was fixed for pipelines it would make a world of difference.
  • It sounds like you are looking for a record and although you may have unique records and only 1 response, Quickbase returns the record as an array. So even if it's 1 result, it sees it as many (Because it doesn't know for a fact this will always be true)

    To handle this, just add a For Each loop before the update.
    Reach out if you would like some help

    Tammie King