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2 years ago

Workaround for Mobile limitation?

Can anyone think of a work around for this?

On mobile, when you have a child table and the 'Add Child' URL that is autocreated, the behavior works like this.

1. If you are in VIEW mode and add a child, when you save the child it returns you to the parent.
2. If you are in EDIT mode when you add a child, when you save the child, it lands you on the child you just created.

Is there a way to make the button return you correctly from edit mode?

NextUrl does not work on mobile, so I don't think I can rewrite the URL formula. I dont think SaveBeforeNavigating works, though I notice my record does save (I think due to the advanced table setting). Right now, I just added a return link on the child, but would much prefer it actually return itself.

Perhaps, just add this to the infinite list of mobile issues?

Mike Tamoush
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