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10 months ago

Yes or No in one field to a 1 or 0 in another

I have a column titled Yes/No.  The only results in that field will be Yes or no.

I added another column titled # of Points.

I want to be able to convert the Yes or No in the other field to a 1 or 0 in the # of Points field.  I have searched and am not coming up with anything.  I know how to get a number from 1 field to a number in another field, but not text to number.  

Jon Hurtado

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  • Hi Jon,

    You could do the following If statement in either a formula text or formula numeric field named # of Points:  

        If([Yes/No]= "Yes", 1, 0)

    In the above formula, the [Yes/No] should be replaced with whatever your field name is.

    No need to worry about converting from text to numeric with this statement.

    I tested this out and works splendidly!


    Heather D

    Heather Delozier