Turbocharge your processes with Quick Base barcode scanning

By Brian Cafferelli posted 11-15-2019 09:37


Turbocharge your processes with Quick Base barcode scanning

Does your company care about tracking their ‘stuff’?  Specifically, their physical assets, such as parts, product inventory, or computer workstations for employees?  They should!  These assets are often expensive and represent an investment your business has made.  It’s critical to keep good track of these items so your business can best use them to grow and thrive. Since the Universal Product Code (UPC) was initially introduced in grocery stores in 1974, companies across most industries have been leveraging barcodes to help their assets – is it your turn?

Barcoding systems are effective because they reduce the human error common to any hand-keyed system. Tagging items with barcodes and then utilizing barcode scanning simplifies many processes that involve capturing data. The simplicity and accuracy of scanning barcodes allows more information to be captured and processed in less time. It also speeds up common tasks like inventory management. The Quick Base mobile app, now featuring barcode scanning, assists users in unlocking the ease and convenience of barcode scanning systems.


Barcoding challenges businesses face

While all  businesses have some processes that could be improved with barcode scanning, not every business has had the resources or technical skill to implement barcode scanning systems – until now! The Quick Base Mobile app with barcode scanning reduces the barrier to entry for businesses looking to implement barcode scanning systems.

Other businesses have extensive experience with barcode scanning and already have vast databases with barcode information.  However, like many homegrown solutions, these barcode databases were purpose-built to address specific processes.  As new use cases arise for a business, Quick Base can act as the customization layer, pulling in specific information from homegrown solutions and allowing users to scan barcodes to leverage the existing data for a new purpose.


Introducing barcode scanning for the Quick Base mobile app

Every application that is built on Quick Base is instantly ready to be used through our native mobile app (available for iOS and Android), without any special mobile development. Now your users can scan barcodes with their phones or tablets, without you as the app builder needing to change anything about your apps. Now you can support barcode scanning without the need to hire a professional developer to extend your Quick Base app and without needing to buy dedicated hand-held barcode scanners.


How barcode scanning can help you

With the addition of barcode scanning to the Quick Base mobile app, you have a whole world of new opportunities to improve your business’s processes. Here are some scenarios to start thinking about:

  • Closed-loop inventory systems: Keep track of parts, suppliers, tools, and materials you stock, purchase, or consume. Knowing what you have on hand and where to find it prevents costly disruptions, saves money in purchasing, and increases sales revenue. For example, a manufacturing company could track purchase orders, suppliers, and delivery dates of items being received and shipped. This gives them a complete understanding of their processes so they can work on process optimization. 


  • Asset tracking for fixed assets: Track capital equipment such as office furniture, computers, machines, buildings, telephone poles, etc. Attaching a barcode label to each of these allows a company to account for what it owns, conduct physical inventories, know when to perform preventative maintenance, look up the history of these items, and collect further data. For example, workers in the field could leverage barcode scanning to double check that they are about to perform maintenance on the correct item. A telephone pole looks a lot like other telephone poles unless you have a barcode verifying its identification. Affixing barcodes to items in the field makes the process of identification easier and faster for the field worker. This also improves the accuracy of the data field workers collect.


  • Asset tracking for circulating assets: Circulating assets include equipment, tools, files, and other valuable inventory that changes hands within an organization. Tracking who has custody of each asset can maximize efficiency and reduce the chance of losing equipment. For example, tool cribs on manufacturing floors allow employees to check out specific tools needed for specialized work. Applying barcodes not only to each tool, but also to the employee’s badges and work orders allows the company to make sure each tool is returned promptly. You can do this by capturing which item is being checked out (using the tool barcode), by whom (using the employee barcode) and for what purpose (using the work order barcode).

Some technical detail about how it works

Scanning a barcode with the Quick Base mobile app is as easy as tapping anywhere you could enter text, tapping the barcode icon above your phone’s keyboard, and taking a picture of your barcode.

This can be used throughout the Quick Base mobile experience:


The Quick Base mobile app supports many common barcode formats, including UPC and QR codes. For a complete list, please see our help topic on mobile barcode scanning.

Once you’ve tried barcode scanning, please let us know what you think by entering your feedback in this Quick Base app.


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01-06-2020 17:14

Hi Roy, thanks for the feedback. 

This is an issue we've had reported by very few customers so far. Would you mind submitting a support case so we can have this properly logged in our system?

That will ensure our internal tracking is kept up-to-date with the number of customers who have encountered this issue and the specific nature of the problem. This also has the added bonus that you will be notified automatically when the issue is resolved. 

If you could also include a few images of the barcodes you're trying to scan, it would be very helpful for our team!


12-20-2019 17:26

I just tested the barcode reader functionality for mobile, using an IPhone 7.  It has a very hard time scanning smaller (1.25 inches across) code 128 barcodes.

This is not a limitation of the iPhone, since my other iPhone barcode app (Rawcodescan, in the apps store) has no problem with the same scans. 

I think it would help a lot to limit the size of the scanning window and explicitly identify where the scanner is looking.  Check out rawcodescan as an example.  If you can't make scanning work well on small barcodes, it is nearly useless to me.
Thanks, Roy

11-24-2019 16:28

Hi Douglas, 

My name is Alice and I head up our Mobile Team. Apologies for the delayed response, I've been out of the office. Jumping in here to reiterate, thank you for the feedback! While we try to make sure we cover all our bases, there are always bugs that arise with new features that we haven't anticipated. Early adopters like you help us identify and solve these quickly. 

I see you are working through the issue with Nick from our Care Team. I'll chat with him to make sure I'm up to date on the progress made so far so you don't have to provide any duplicative information here to see what the team can do to dig into this.

Feel free to update your case or DM me here if you have questions or concerns.


11-22-2019 16:53

Whoops, yes I see it now - it looks like Nick from Customer Care sent you a note about this yesterday. If you go to Manage Support Cases and update your case, there's a spot there to upload a screenshot.

11-22-2019 16:26

I already did, yesterday.

11-22-2019 16:22

Hi Douglas, could you open a support case so a member of our customer care team can give you a hand? To open a case, click ? icon, click Manage Support Cases, and + New Support Case.

11-22-2019 13:17

Galaxy Note 10+
Arrow pointing to "Barcode" Icon hidden by the keyboard.
I tried inserting a screen shot. But this isn't working either.

11-22-2019 13:00

THanks for the feedback Douglas--would you mind letting us know what device type you're seeking to use?  Thx for tryng it out!

11-21-2019 14:38

Barcode icon is hidden by my keyboard. Good first try guys.