Quick Base Hackathon FAQ for Community

By Evan Martinez posted 24 days ago


What is the Quick Base Hackathon?


September 21st saw the launch of the very first Quick Base Hackathon. With a prize pool of $250,000, it is the biggest competition we have ever had here at Quick Base and we want our citizen developers to be a part of it. We are putting the call out to creative problem-solvers to address today's biggest challenges using Quick Base. From global pandemics, to societal unrest, to the imperatives of digitization, we are in a time that is primed for change. Organizations are being forced to adapt and flex, finding creative ways to address new and ever-changing problems.   


The Quick Base Virtual Hackathon is asking you to “wow” us: 

  • By addressing real problems that exist right now. We’ve provided some inspirational themes - Connection, Responsiveness, Equity and Security - to kickstart your brainstorming. See our inspiration section for more on each category!
  • Through imaginative use of our most powerful features. What can you do with our in-memory database, automations, integrations, RESTful APIs, code pages and formulas?
  • The judges will rate each solution on 3 equally weighed criteria: Originality, Scope & Impact, and Implementation. Find the full rules here.


Where do the citizens developers, problem-solvers, and process gurus fit in the Hackathon?

This challenge is asking participants to solve real problems that exist right now – using Quick Base. It’s about hacking a problem, not simply doing crazy stuff with technology. What group is better suited to this challenge than QB builders? 


A well-rounded team for this Hackathon could include software developers, low code Quick Base builders, and a project manager. Your Quick Base experience will set you apart – you already know what’s required to translate a problem into a working Quick Base solution, and you can provide your team with a valuable insider’s view on the platform. Lots of professional developers are already registered and looking to team up, so this is a great opportunity to learn from each other.


Why should I participate?

  • This is a chance to solve for a problem that you are passionate about – at your company, in your community or for the world at large.
  • With $250K on the table, there are lots of ways to win. We are giving away almost 50 cash prizes, including a $5000 Bonus Prize for best use of native Quick Base features!
  • If you’ve ever thought “I bet Quick Base could do that” or something along those lines, this is a great opportunity for experimentation without the pressure to deliver critical solutions for your company.
  • Connect with others who enjoy rolling up their sleeves and making things happen. Build your professional network and make some new friends.
  • Gain confidence in the skills you already have and strut your stuff. You might walk away with some serious bragging right!
  • We guarantee this experience will make you a more creative and trusted Quick Base resource at your company.

Do I need to build an app?

Nope! Your solution must include one or more of these components:


Where will I build my solution?

Participants are required to use a free Builder Account, unless they are submitting on behalf of their company. See the Official Rules for more details.

How do I join?

It is as easy as heading over to our Hackathon page and hitting sign up.

Now that I have joined how do I find a team?

Once you are all signed up you can find others looking for a team under the Participants tab. All you have to do is pick ‘Looking for a teammates’ in the filters to the left. If you have other QB folks you have worked on in the past (we are totally looking at you awesome app-a-thon teams) don’t hesitate to bring them along for the fun.

I’m in and I have a team, are there some resources to help?

If you are looking for some help or inspiration, we have a #virtual-hackathon channel over on our public slack. We will host live office hours there every Thursday from 2-4 PM EST with a technical QB staff member to answering our questions. If you can’t make office hours, don’t worry as we are keeping an eye on the channel regularly and we are happy to help with questions.  

We also have office hours every day with Kirk Trachy from the QB team from 1-2 PM EST where you can bring new challenges and ideas to Kirk. Sign up here!

Why is this so awesome?

Because we have such a vibrant community of Quick Base builders, we wanted this Hackathon to be as open and motivating as possible. We hope you’ll be a part of it!