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Permissions for Pages?

  • 1.  Permissions for Pages?

    Posted 05-05-2020 13:28
    Is it possible to set user permissions or passwords on Dashboard pages? I am looking to create different default pages for different roles. However, I want to have links to those pages so people in certain roles can access other pages.

    My plan at this point is just to be careful where I put links and make sure you can't get to any private pages if you are in the wrong role (by literally not having a button available).

    However, it would be a lot easier in my use case to just set a password or permissions on entering a page. I didn't see this functionality when looking, so I am assuming it doesn't exist, but hoping someone tells me otherwise!

    Mike Tamoush

  • 2.  RE: Permissions for Pages?

    Posted 05-05-2020 13:40
    no there is no such concept.  You can filter the content of a report on a dashboard by Role though.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
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