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  • 1.  Regarding Address Subfields extension

    Posted 10-30-2019 17:48
    There is a requirement to capture Street3 and District level information as well in the Address Subfields.. Would it be possible to add Street3 and District columns as well in the Subfields..

    vijay singh

  • 2.  RE: Regarding Address Subfields extension

    Posted 10-31-2019 08:58
    From my understanding you will need to break it back out and just use regular fields instead of the address field type with subfields.  If you want it to behave similarly, you could always have the individual address entry fields visible for add/edit and then have a formula URL field visible for view that concatenates it back down to an address link.

    Brandon Clark

  • 3.  RE: Regarding Address Subfields extension

    Posted 01-19-2022 13:51

    Would anyone here know how to get the address subfield values when accessing data returned from the api?
    All I can access is the address field, but I need to get the city, state and zip separately.