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  • 1.  Basic formula query issues

    Posted 01-19-2022 17:04
    Edited by Mike Tamoush 01-19-2022 17:05

    I've done formula queries before (still new, but can successfully make them work). I am banging my head against the wall trying to make something work. The actual goal is simpler than what I post below, but if I can get below to work, then I can achieve my ultimate goal.

    This for me works:

    Simply, get the count of record ID 1 in current table. The value of '1' is returned.

    This does not work

    I assumed this would look in the table with the dbid id that matched for record ID 1, and return '1'. But it does not. I double checked that Record ID 1 exists and double checked the dbid ID. So i am assuming it is my syntax?

    UPDATE: Disregard, as soon as i posted this I realized I was trying to query a table in a different app which doesn't work at this time.

    What do I have wrong in this very basic formula?

    Mike Tamoush

  • 2.  RE: Basic formula query issues

    Posted 01-19-2022 17:06

    Quickbase Junkie has some amazingly helpful (and free) YouTube video's on Formula Queries.  I HIGHLY recommend starting there for guidance.

    Laura Thacker (IDS)
    (626) 771 0454

  • 3.  RE: Basic formula query issues

    Posted 01-19-2022 17:11

    Thanks! Yes I agree, I have all her pages bookmarked and they are wonderful. I actually copy/pasted my formula directly off her tutorials, which is why I was so confused that this very simple task was not working.

    However, I updated my original post, probably while you were responding. The error was not in my syntax. It was that I was trying to query in a different App, which is at this point not allowed.

    Mike Tamoush