Filling in a field from relationship

  • 1.  Filling in a field from relationship

    Posted 02-01-2019 20:15
    i am trying to use data from one form (Customers) to fill in a field for another form (Orders).  The field (Owner) in Orders is an existing field in which the properties are set to user (lookup), which is a proxy field for a reference field.  

    The idea is take the field (project manager) from form Customers and have it automatically fill in the owner field of Orders.  The relationship is working as the field (customer-ID project manager2) in Orders is bringing over the employee from the form Customers. 

    The issue is that the employee name from customer - iD project manager2 is not filling in the field owner.  i did create the rule that when the order is a project then the field owner will change to what is in customer - ID project manager2. 

    My thought is that they type of field that owner is is why the field is not being filled in from customer - ID project manager2.