java code page issue - is it me or QB

  • 1.  java code page issue - is it me or QB

    Posted 10-06-2017 16:03
    I have a code page that is set to extract numbers from a text field on a shipping table. I implemented it on 10/3 and 10,000+ fields worked until 2 days later when there was an overnight import  for items shipped on 10/4 and now all of the records shipped on 10/4 and also 10/5 don't work but the other fields do. I deleted old records reducing the volume of records thinking I had crossed a limit but still it stops on the 10/4 shipments. All I can think is it is one of the following:
    1 -  that the field I use to activate the code is the problem. Here is the code used in that field - URLEncode("void(jQuery.getScript('" & URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() & "?a=dbpage&pagename=loc.js'))") but unlikely since it works for all the other records
    2 - I reached a maximum of times to access the code but after deleting over 2,500 records it seems unlikely
    3 - A record is creating an error in the code page and the code is stopping the new records from being processed. Logically that makes no sense. I am checking the text field to find a record creating the issue. 

    My last thought is I need a way to turn off the code but cannot  determine if it should be on the formula field that activates the script or in the script.