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E-mail Blast

  • 1.  E-mail Blast

    Posted 09-19-2019 09:48
    I'm using a Sales CRM app that was already available.  When I am looking at my contact list, there is an e-mail button at the bottom, and when you hoover over it, it says this will e-mail everyone on this list. But when I click on it, nothing happens. Is quick base capable of performing e-mail blasts / campaigns?

    Dan Giesler

  • 2.  RE: E-mail Blast

    Posted 09-19-2019 10:04
    Quick Base is not primarily an email engine which can compete on functionality on the same basis such as say mail Chimp or Constant Contact.  

    But, if you have an app which has a business purpose other than pure CRM like managing orders or appointments and need o have a way to email non Quick Base users such customers, there are technique to do that.

    Among the features that Quick Base does support is that yes, you can look at a list of email address on a report and click an icon and those email address will be loaded into the email client for that user - ie if their default email client is Outlook it would open up an outlook email compose box and populate the TO box.  Various email clients have their own limits as to how many address you can load up in the TO box, and of course, you would en need to copy (cut) and paste those email address to the BCC box so as not to expose your distribution list to all recipients.

    There are also techniques to send individual HTM formatted emails to a very large distriutions list with customized content per email,

    such as 

    Dear [Customer name] 
    We note that you are past due by [past due # days] on invoice [Invoice#]  for $ [ Amount Open]

    Pay now.

    Your truly.

    so it all depends what you are trying to do and if you have a business purpose other than trying to compete with a mass mailing service


    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach

  • 3.  RE: E-mail Blast

    Posted 09-19-2019 14:21
    I have a use case where i need to send customer surveys based on product utilization. Once a service has been rendered, i upload a CSV to my master database. This CSV includes their email address. Now to get QB to do what you want, youll need 2 more things:
    1. Second Table to act as the notification engine
    2. QB Automation (DOES NOT WORK WITH ACTION).

    Your QB automation will add a new record to the second table. On the second table, you'll need to set up an open notification to go out to the email in the "Email" field. Just make sure you create a custom email message and you can send what ever standardized information to all sorts of people.

    G.Macri G.Macri

  • 4.  RE: E-mail Blast

    Posted 10-22-2019 15:32
    Hi Dan - SmartEmailReminder for Quick Base most likely can solve your problem.  Have a look here: http://www.softtechexperts.com/smartemailreminder.html.  Contact me directly for more info.

    Joe Acunzo
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    203-481-1222 ext. 316