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creating a list from a report in another app

  • 1.  creating a list from a report in another app

    Posted 11-10-2018 21:14
    I am trying to do what is stated in the topic, but I am having some difficulty. We use a form for our employees to sign in everyday. I would like to add a field where they select the location they are working at and it pulls up a list of tools that require inspection at that location (This list is kept in another app. I have created reports in that app for each location that returns a list of serial numbers for the tools kept at each location.).

    What I am having trouble with is getting the proper list for the worksite based on the worksite selection. For instance, when I select "worksite 1" on the location field, how do I get another field to look at that, then go and return the worksite 1 report from the other app?

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    Posted 11-10-2018 21:34
    No problem,

    On the Employee Sign in table make a new field of Type "Report Link".
    You will then configure matching fields on that form.  On the left select "site" and then for the right configuration, navigate to the to the other app and to the corresponding "Site" field. Perhaps call the field "Tools Needed Report Link"

    Then just put that field on your form and set the form properties to show the tools directly on he form.  Note that the report will only be refreshed when you save the record.

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    Posted 11-10-2018 23:22
    Thanks for the assist, unfortunately having to save it to update just means it will have to be immediately reopened so the serial numbers can be verified. I'm pretty sure that will be nixed by my boss as overly cumbersome (we're trying to get rid of an instance of that right now on the same form as they have to be signed off which can only be accomplished by saving then re-opening the signature page).

    I'm also having trouble getting the report link to give me information I want. When configured to match location information from the field on the sign in app, it returns location from the tools app. So if I choose "Location 1" it returns "Location 1" instead of the serial numbers of all tools at location 1 (I have selected the tools: serial number field as the target). regardless, I don't think this solution is viable due to having to save to update.

    What I'm using right now is a text-multiple choice field that looks at the other app's report for it's list of locations. I would like to then have the next field (ideally a formula in the text multi field would be more efficient, but I don't think that is possible) see what location has been selected and either look back at the same report and return all serial numbers related to that location or it could look at a report created for a specific location to do the same thing.

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    Posted 11-11-2018 02:50
    I�m not understanding your concerns. When you save the record it will immediately show the embedded report. You can make any unfiltered report you like up use on the form.

    So I don�t my know what you mean when you say the form must be reopened. The sign in form can be configured to display after adding in a sign in record as opposed to returning to s report of employees, if that is what happens now. So no need to reopen the form.

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    Posted 11-11-2018 22:16
    No worries, I'm sure the confusion is originating at my end. This is not my main gig at work, just trying to help out my employer.

    After doing some more digging I found the save & continue working option (wasn't selected for the form) and I got the report link to work. However, ideally i would like to just see a list of serial numbers appear on the sign in form and not a link to a report (which is all that is showing up right now) as the employee needs to check off on the form that they have inspected the tools and we need to save that information so that it can be recalled later (I may be mistaken but it looks as if that report is generated each time you click the link so the report would be inaccurate if you went back to look at it later and the tools had changed locations in the interim).

    Thanks for your help, my apologies for any confusion.

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    Posted 11-11-2018 23:58
    Set the form properties for the areport Link field to display the report right on the form, as opposed to a Link.

    You can then create an unfiltered report to use and set the form properties to use that report. That will allow you to customize your columns and your sort.

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    Posted 11-12-2018 00:23
    I knew I was missing something, worked like a charm! Thanks!