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Flag duplicates

  • 1.  Flag duplicates

    Posted 02-16-2019 14:51
    I have a CRM app where your basic customer data is entered - Name, address, phone, email. The data can be entered two ways, 1) Manually by a user 2) Automatically using  Zapier. 

    I would like to be able to set a checkbox field for a potential duplicate by either email address or combination of first-last name.

    I need to be able to analyze the info before I decide what to do with it as sometimes a duplicate has valuable info so I don't want to use any 'must be unique' options. This would also cause my Zapier inputs to fail.

    Any ideas on best way to accomplish this?

  • 2.  RE: Flag duplicates

    Posted 02-16-2019 15:05
    In order to flag dips you will need a new table with a key field of the value you are looking for duplicates of. So for example email address.

    Initially populate that table with a summary report grouping in email address and copy over to the email table.

    Then make a relationship back to the details table based in email address and you can then make s uammrubif the # of details for each email address.

    Look up that summary count down to the daetals and you will have your flag Then to auto maintain it, I like to create a field on t(e parent tale called email exists? As a formula checkbox field set to the formula

    Then look that up down to the details Record.

    Then set up an Automation to fire and add a record in the email parent table when a record is added or modified and the email exists lookup field is false.

  • 3.  RE: Flag duplicates

    Posted 02-16-2019 15:28
    Thanks for the quick response Mark. I will set this up.