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Can i choose who sees what?

  • 1.  Can i choose who sees what?

    Posted 04-17-2017 18:26
    My supervisor has asked me to find a app/program that he can assign duties.  Easy enough.  He wants to be the only one to remove an item off the assigned persons list.  Found it here.  Is there a way that everyone in the company does not have access to another employee's list?  This is my first day working on Quickbase after finding it on Friday.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • 2.  RE: Can i choose who sees what?

    Posted 04-17-2017 19:14
    Yes,  This is all entirely possible.

    You control these "access" levels through user Roles.  They can be set up and modified through the application setting on the home page.

    If you set up the app they right way you can make all the dashboards be dynamic to the user that is logged in, and easily control what they see and have access to edit.