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Automation to Trigger Notification

  • 1.  Automation to Trigger Notification

    Posted 02-16-2019 20:31
    Hello, I've set up an automation to run daily and to check a checkbox field when a record meets certain criteria. This is working fine. I've set up a email notification to be sent when the automation marks the checkbox as true. This part isn't working. The only criteria in the email notification is to send when the checkbox field changes to true. I followed the same suit as this post

    Does anyone have troubleshooting tips?

  • 2.  RE: Automation to Trigger Notification

    Posted 02-16-2019 20:52
    Are you running a table-to-table import to update your records?  If so; it is probable that your email is being read as a multi-record import update; not a single-record update - so your emails are not firing out.  Consider a subscription report daily to notify you of records updated the previous day. 

    If the email fires out when you change a single record; but not on the import - then set the email to notify you on multi-record changes and see if you still get an email.  It may not be nearly as useful; but it would still fire if that is the issue.

  • 3.  RE: Automation to Trigger Notification

    Posted 02-16-2019 21:01
    Laura (above) is correct. You cannot cause we ndividual emails to be triggered by running an Automation.

    So there are two choices I can recommend.

    The first, like Laura suggested, is to to create a Subscription report to be received by an internal person and make a formula URL field to be able to push a button in each record on that day's report to update a field to trigger an email. The report will refresh with one less record on each click, so 100 records =100 clicks.

    Alternatively, I can implement a script which will let you push 1button to that button pushing for you. It runs slow enough to be seen by Quick Base as individual changes and hence will trigger emails,. The script runs at the rate of about 3 or 4 per second.

    Contact me off line at QuickBaseCoach.com for the 2nd solution or post back here for help with the first solution.