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Summary List of Checkboxes, and related fields. if ""true""?

  • 1.  Summary List of Checkboxes, and related fields. if ""true""?

    Posted 03-21-2018 18:56
    I have quite a few checkboxes on a form, some of which if checked will expand to include additional fields like Quantity and Notes. I have seen the formula where you can display a list of checkboxes if marked true but would require a line of code for each checkbox and doesn't show how to display the following text in the fields if marked true. (Conversion/syntax error?); I am also getting errors on the code:

    If([E-flyer Requested],"E-flyer",
    If([Napkin Holder Ads Requested], "Napkin Holder Ads Requested",
    If([4x6 Table Tent Ads Requested],"4x6 Table Tent Ads Requested"))))
    Is there a simple formula to list all checkboxes within a section, only if checked? (I have 39 checkbox fields, and would prefer not to have a line of code for each)

    and if possible, also include the following fields, "Quantity" and "Notes"?

  • 2.  RE: Summary List of Checkboxes, and related fields. if ""true""?

    Posted 03-21-2018 19:17
    You will need to have a long IF like this.  

    If([E-flyer Requested], List(" ", "E-flyer","Qty: " & Totext([e-flyer Qty]), [E-flyer comments])), 
     and so on for each of the 39 checkboxes

  • 3.  RE: Summary List of Checkboxes, and related fields. if ""true""?

    Posted 03-22-2018 15:22
    OK, I tried to do this, but I am coming up with an error; what am I missing?:

    If([E-flyer Requested], List(" ", "E-flyer","Qty: " & Totext([E-flyer QTY]), [E-flyer Notes])), 
    If([8.5x11 Poster Requested], List(" ", "8.5x11 Poster","Qty: " & Totext([8.5x11 Poster Qty]), [8.5x11 Poster Notes])), 
    If([1/2 Page Flyers Requested], List(" ", "1/2 Page Flyers","Qty: " & Totext([1/2 Page Flyers Qty]), [1/2 Page Flyers Notes])), 
    If([11x17 Poster Requested], List(" ", "11x17 Posters","Qty: " & Totext([11x17 Poster Qty]), [11x17 Poster Notes])), 
    If([22x28 Poster Requested], List(" ", "22x28 Posters","Qty: " & Totext([22x28 Poster Qty]), [22x28 Poster Notes])), 
    If([24x36 Poster Requested], List(" ", "24x36 Poster","Qty: " & Totext([24x36 Poster Qty]), [24x36 Poster Notes])), 
    If([30x40 Poster Requested], List(" ", "30x40 Poster","Qty: " & Totext([30x40 Poster Qty]), [30x40 Poster Notes])), 
    If([3x5 Banner Requested], List(" ", "3x5 Banner","Qty: " & Totext([3x5 Banner Qty]), [3x5 Banner Notes])), 
    If([3x6 Banner Requested], List(" ", "3x6 Banner","Qty: " & Totext([3x6 Banner Qty]), [3x6 Banner Notes])), 
    If([3x8 Banner Requested], List(" ", "3x8 Banner","Qty: " & Totext([3x8 Banner Qty]), [3x8 Banner Notes])), 
    If([Napkin Holder Ads Requested], List(" ", "Napkin Ads","Qty: " & Totext([Napkin Holder Ads Requested Qty]), [Napkin Holder Ads Requested Notes])), 
    If([4x6 Table Tent Ads Requested], List(" ", "4x6 Table Tent Ads ","Qty: " & Totext([4x6 Table Tent Ads Qty]), [4x6 Table Tent Ads Notes])), 
    If([Brochure Requested], List(" ", "Brochures","Qty: " & Totext([Brochure Qty]), [Brochure Notes])), 
    If([2-sided Tabletent Requested], List(" ", "2-sided Tabletents","Qty: " & Totext([2-sided Tabletent Qty]), [2-sided Tabletent Notes])), 
    If([3-sided Tabletent Requested], List(" ", "3-sided Tabletents","Qty: " & Totext([3-sided Tabletent Qty]), [3-sided Tabletent Notes])), 
    If([Business or Punch Card Requested], List(" ", "Business or Punch Cards","Qty: " & Totext([Business or Punch Card Qty]), [Business or Punch Card Notes])), 
    If([Publication Ad Requested], List(" ", "Publication Ad Requested", [Publication Ad Notes])), 
    If([Web Ad Requested], List(" ", "Web Ad Requested")), 
    If([Facebook Cover Ad Requested], List(" ", "Facebook Cover Ad Requested")), 
    If([Facebook Event Cover Ad Requested], List(" ", "Facebook Event Cover Ad Requested")), 
    If([Instagram Ad Requested], List(" ", "Instagram Ad Requested")), 
    If([Mobile App Ad Requested], List(" ", "Mobile App Ad Requested")), 
    If([Email Newsletter Ad Requested], List(" ", "Email Newsletter Ad Requested")), 
    If([Newspaper Ad Requested], List(" ", "Newspaper Ad Requested")), 
    If([Bowling Ad Requested], List(" ", "Bowling Ad Requested")), 
    If([Theater Ad Requested], List(" ", "Theater Ad Requested")), 
    If([Facility Kiosk Vertical Requested], List(" ", "Facility Kiosk Vertical Requested", [Facility Kiosk Vertical Notes])), 
    If([Facility Kiosk Horizontal Requested], List(" ", "Facility Kiosk Horizontal Requested", [Facility Kiosk Horizontal Notes])), 
    If([Custom Request], List(" ", "Custom Request ", [Custom Notes])), 
    If([Outsourced/Billable Request], List(" ", "Outsourced/Billable Request�, [E-flyer Notes])),
    If([Foam Core/Mounting Requested], List(" ", "Foam Core/Mounting Requested", [Foam Core/Mounting Notes])), 
    If([Lamination Requested], List(" ", "Lamination Requested", [Lamination Notes]))

  • 4.  RE: Summary List of Checkboxes, and related fields. if ""true""?

    Posted 03-22-2018 15:42
    I suggest that you build up the formula in piece to get it debugged.  It basically looks good  but its difficult for me to debug without creating an app with all those fields.

    I suggest that you start with just a coupe IFs and then get that working first, and then paste in mote and get those working until they are all working.