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More than 20 choices for Multi-select drop down?

  • 1.  More than 20 choices for Multi-select drop down?

    Posted 06-21-2018 11:00
    Is there a way around the 20 choice limit for the Multi Select drop down (tip or trick) ?

    In short, I have a contractor database with approx. 150 Contractors, I then have a drop down multi-select list where I add the country that they're available in, most are available in more than 20 countries. How would you recommend I get around this?

  • 2.  RE: More than 20 choices for Multi-select drop down?

    Posted 06-21-2018 11:44
    I don�t have a hack to allow more than 20 choices, but this can be set up as a proper Many to Many relationship where 1 contractor has many Contractor Country Assignments and 1Country has many Contractor Country Assignments. So you would need to add that middle �Join� table.

    I do have a technique to let you add these quickly.

    An alternative to your 20 limit would be to have two fields, but that is messy.

  • 3.  RE: More than 20 choices for Multi-select drop down?

    Posted 06-21-2018 12:42
    > don�t have a hack to allow more than 20 choices, 

    I have a hack to allow you to put any data you want into your fields and to implement an appropriate graphical interface for manipulating that data. Consider this demo where I create a Chessboard field using a text multi-line field:


    IMA Grandmaster - Does QuickBase Support Chessboard Fields?

    Edit Chessboard Position By Moving Pieces

    The same technique can be used to create any field type you want:
    • Chromosome Fields
    • Molecule Fields
    • Building Drawing Fields
    • Family Tree Fields
    • Satellite Orbit Fields
    • Wedding Planning Fields
    You just store some type of JSON representation of you custom Field type in a multi-line text field and through script slap in an appropriate graphical display and editor widget to visually view and manipulate your custom field. Here is a screenshot of my Molecule Field Editor

    Similar to the Chessboard Field demo, the [Molecule] field is not directly edited by the user and is just used to store the state of the Molecule being viewed or edited. It turns out that there is a simple format for representing molecules using SMILES (Simplified Molecular-Input Line-Entry System),.

    Simplified Molecular-Input Line-Entry System

    So to get around the 20 choices limitation of the Multi-select options you just store your selected choices in a field in some type of format (CSV would suffice) and use an appropriate graphical editor to display and select the "Pills" (the selected choices are often called pills).

    Bootstrap Pills