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  • 1.  Creating a Company Proforma

    Posted 11-21-2022 15:11
    My company currently uses Google Numbers for us all to enter in financial data to track our expenses, percent of our revenue, and projections for the next year.  

    We have to enter the data individually from Quickbooks.  I KNOW there is a way for me to pull this information from Quickbooks into Quickbase automatically.  I just can't seem to figure out how to put this together. 

    I added a small snapshot of what it looks like.

    Thank you in advance!

    Jennifer Meyer

  • 2.  RE: Creating a Company Proforma

    Posted 11-22-2022 22:29

    You cannot do this.   Row four is the % for the section above which I assume is the Revenue block of the proforma.   QB will not let you mix the data types in the rows.

    You can do this with an external reporting tool like Tableau or PowerBI and then embed a link to that report in a Quickbase dashboard.

    Don Larson