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  • 1.  Multiple types of Save buttons

    Posted 05-18-2022 11:08
    I am looking to create 3 buttons at the bottom of a form:

    1. Clear Form Button - a button that when clicked will clear the form so the user can start over again without having to back out to the homepage and start a new record.
    • The catch is that currently the from starts with 2 fields auto populated and ideally those would remain populated even though the rest were cleared. I have them set to read only if that helps.
    2. Save and Finish Later Button - a button that will save the user's progress and returns the user to their homepage.

    3. Submit Button - a button that checks a checkbox, saves the record, and then returns the user to their home page.

    4. Cancel Button - I suppose while I am asking, a button that cancels he record and redirects the user back to their homepage would be nice as well.

    Chris Swirtz

  • 2.  RE: Multiple types of Save buttons

    Posted 05-18-2022 12:14
    How does the user arrive on this form to create the new record? Are they getting there from another related table with an Add button or are they just on the table itself and adding a record directly there?

    When on the create record screen nothing exists yet, not even the record itself. So if the user refreshed the page it should delete any additions they did. If the fields you mentioned default to certain values their default should be set too.

    The submit button may not work as you expect it to assuming you are wanting it to check a checkbox that is on that same record. Before the record is saved initially it does not exist so it may not be possible to check a box on that record first before saving it. You would need to save the record, then go back to it and make the change and save it again. This could possibly be done with an Action or a Pipeline depending on the triggers you can use.

    For cancelling you could just set the button to take the users back to the app home page which should result in them seeing the home page that their role is set up for.

  • 3.  RE: Multiple types of Save buttons

    Posted 05-18-2022 15:01

    The user would arrive on the form to create the new record from a Homepage displaying the Company file (parent record) they are linked to and the add buttons from which the new (child) record is being created. I know the Save and close button built into the form would take them back to the Home page since that is where the new record originated from, but I can't move that button around so it can line up with other buttons I create.

    I agree refreshing the page would work, however, I don't think the client will be satisfied with telling their users to just refresh the page if they want to start over.

    Chris Swirtz