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5 years ago

What I'm Hoping to Hear

​I'm really hoping to hear when they will solve the issue with Averages in a Summary table!  They are coming up with new and innovative ideas, but the total line on a summary, when doing an average (instead of a grand total) is calculated wrong.  If they have 3 rows that are all at 100%, the total should be 100%, not 300%...  very frustrating!  I'm assuming this will be fixed very soon since I've been touting it for over a year as a problem...

I'm also excited to find out when they will find a way to "automatically" export a Summary view.  Summaries can not be exported via APIs...  That seems like an obvious miss that they would likely be addressing soon! 


William Metz

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    Hi William - looking forward to meeting you next week. Happy to provide more details on these things. By a long shot, the hardest part of our job is deciding what to work on. It is so difficult that we wrote a blog about it. I'll address each of your questions:

    1. We call the problem you are referring to "aggregates of aggregates". The issue presents itself in many different ways. Changing the behavior is a massive undertaking. That is because the field could contain a formula. When we run reports, we treat all fields (scalar or derived) as first-class citizens. I.e., we don't worry about if they are a formula or not. We have discussed approaches to solve for it. In the future, we will likely give you a way to override our formula that we "give you for free" but it requires some architectural changes. Right now, the teams that would work on this are laser focused on continued improvements to performance and providing a world-class table report experience. But we are very aware of the problem here.
    2. We will have an advanced session block in the afternoon where @Erich Wehrmann will be reviewing our new JSON APIs. Spoiler alert: our first endpoint will include summary reports ;).
    Hope this helps!​

    Harrison Hersch