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5 years ago

Auto-Populate Data from one Table to another

Hello all.  I am new to QB and trying to set up an app for my small manufacturing/service business to try to get away from clunky spreadsheets now that we have a growing office workforce.

My question is this:
I have a 'Job Log' table where any new job (generally 25-50 jobs/day) is entered and assigned a job number.   This tracks jobs from processing through to delivery.  However, with my industry (construction) we are required to revisit these jobsites in the field for further service work.

I am looking to create a separate relational table (unless there are more viable options that might be suggested) that is automatically populated with field data (i.e. Job #, Address, etc) upon the creation of a new entry in the 'Job Log'.  

Is this possible and how might that be done?

Thanks for your help. 

Kyle French

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    This could start to get complicated but here is a first crack at the architecture for your application.

    Create your Customers and then add the Job Sites for them.

    Then when you have to create a Job for that day, you are picking the Customer and then one of their Job Sites.   Your Job Log Table then can inherit the information from the Customers table and the Job Sites table.   I recommend using the Record ID# of the Jobs Log table as your Job Number.  This way it is auto assigned by the system.

    Don Larson
    Westlake OH