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2 years ago

Button in parent Table should Check all the Checkboxes in child table

Hi All,  
Their is a parent table "A" and Child Table "B".(One to many)
  • In child table I have a Checkbox field. ----> ( field name say, [Status]  )
  • With a click of a [button] on Parent table, Can I uncheck all the related [Status] of the Child table?
  • I Don't want to use pipelines, because it triggers slow.  --> (Won't help in my actual situation)


vivek vishwanath

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  • The simplest option would be a Quickbase Action.

    You can find Quickbase Actions in the table settings on the right side. They aren't often used anymore with Automations and now Pipelines having more capabilities.

    Provided your app has this option (I believe newer apps are phasing them out even though there are no published plans to eliminate them).

    They are set up a lot like a notification where you choose when it should trigger, but then you select the action to Edit the related records (based on a report link field). From there you can copy the checked value from the parent to the child.


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