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4 years ago

Creating conditional dropdowns in cases of a many to many relationship between tables

I have 3 tables - Products, material and group. Relationships are
  1. one material has many products
  2. one group has many products
  3. many material has many group.
Examples for materials are high quality leather, low quality leather, high quality jute, low quality jute, grade 1 jute etc.
Examples for groups are Indian leather, Pakistan leather, Bangaladesh leather etc.
1 high quality leather can belong to many groups. as well as 1 indian leather(group) can have belong to many materials. 
is there a way to create a conditional dropdown for case where there is a many to many. conditional behaviour can be either for materials or group. (if a material or group is selected show corresponding group or materials.)  

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  • I would refer you to the answer I provided to this question on your previous post here.

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